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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We've just spent some time with 7 incredibly influential men of Melbourne, talking life from so many perspectives. We cover abuse & depression, building a business, creating a footy dream and building great relationships. 

Each episode, spanning from 55 minutes to over an hour, dives deep into some incredible adversities and stories, giving insight into how they overcame, continue to improve and work on their crafts. 

These men each are on a path of greatness, and we were so inspired by each and every one in a completely unique way. Make sure you check them each out, and be sure to check back for their episodes coming soon.

Along the way, with no access to a gym, we made the most of our time mostly indoors, and snuck in a quick run one morning. See it all below :) 

Our guests include:

Sean Weir - The Shaka Project

Damien Bugeja

Matt Runnalls

Nicho Hynes

Sean Bell

Chris Cannon

Dennis Armstrong

This episode came together from 5 days down in Melbourne, needless to say it was valuable, fun and we can't wait to get back there to create and explore more!

Watch Here:

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