Our First Men's Night!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

On Feb 21, we held the first of many Bridge The Gap Men's nights. A candid evening with beers, basketball and pizza along with 40 guys, great music and no agenda. 

We had men from all over, with a story to tell and value to bring. This night brought together guys to not only have fun, but hold a place to have a conversation in an open and honest environment.

I (Andrew) was able to connect with 6 guys I hadn't met before and spoke to them about where they are at in their lives right now. Some haven't ever spoken about the truth of what's going on, but all of them felt better after releasing bottled information from relationship suffering, career plateau and boredom and and complete uncertainty, all of which I'm too familiar with.

Whether we are talking, or we are listening, in a moment of pure conversation, we never want to be anywhere else. 

We can't wait for what's next. If you want to stay in the loop, make sure you pop in your email and keep an eye on the next event.

Watch Here:

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